Blogs for Branding or Emails for Funding?

My Services

Save the Planet

with Recyclable Content!

I craft content that can be repurposed into social media posts or scripts for podcasts. Nothing is wasted and you double the value.

Blog Articles

Get your message heard and build a loyal following.

Eco Bonus: These can be recycled into email newsletters or social media posts.

Emails for Advocacy, Campaigns, or Sales

Sales-based short-text copy, like emails, encourages recipients to donate to your cause, sign your petition, or return to their shopping cart.

Eco Bonus: These can be used to inspire blog posts, reused as LinkedIn Call To Action posts, and repurposed in pitch decks.

Native English Proofreading

I started this service for start-ups, organizations, and job seekers who aren’t native English speakers.

Send me your pitch deck, PowerPoint, resume, cover letter, or website copy and I’ll make you sound American while strategically placing keywords that attract clients or, if job-seeking, interviews.

Google My Business Account Set Up

Getting on Google Maps not only attracts new consumer, it can also improve your website’s SEO.

I’d love to talk about how claiming your plot of land on Google Maps can benefit you.

I offer commission-based pricing, hourly, or project-based. More details below.


How can I help you make a difference?

*Prices start at this price. Fixed pricing available too.

Brand-building Blogs


  • 500 – 2000 words per blog
  • Pricing per project available
  • 2 SEO Keywords integrated
  • Two Compelling Headlines
  • 3 Excerpts For Social Media
  • 1 Meta Description
  • One Call To Action (if needed)
  • No Plagiarism Verification
  • No AI Used Verification
  • No Pictures or Graphics. Text Only.
Actionable Emails


  • 200 – 300 words per email
  • Pricing per project available
  • Two Compelling Headlines
  • One Call To Action
  • No Plagiarism Verification
  • No AI Used Verification
  • No Pictures or Graphics, Text Only. I’ll include brackets for you to use your photos.


  • I rewrite resumes and cover letters for environment-related jobs within 24 hours in native American English. I require the ad of the job your applying to.
  • I can keyword optimize and improve the branding of your blogs
  • I can rewrite your landing page and optimize it for Google.
  • Pricing per project or hourly